A600000 - Convection Oven Combi Steam - 4 Pan (CO4)

R 22,113.00
Power: 220 V
Single Phase with isolater
6 kW, 26 Amps
Capacity: 4 Trays or Grids
GN 1/1 530 x 325 mm
EN 1/1 530 x 375 mm
65 mm between Trays
External Size: 885W X 558H X 602D

Designed with rounded corners to facilitate easy cleaning. Double-glazing in the door allows for easy, clear and safe viewing of the cooking process.
Sides holding the tray racks are removable for easy cleaning.
Convection Oven 4-Pan is only available as an electric unit.
Optional stainless steel oven stand with 4 racks.
The steam is functional from 100°C upwards. The steam is released at set intervals
via the set solenoid value and is controlled by a timer.
Fuzzy logic temperature control or manual temperature controller.

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