Modular Range Overview

“It’s important to begin a search on a full stomach”

- Henry Bromel

When searching for the right company to supply your catering equipment, you need someone that understands the importance of design engineering and its impact on quality and efficiency. After all, these key elements underlie the success of your business.

Bearing this in mind, we focused on offering the following key benefits in developing the range:

  • FLEXIBILITY. Our range offers infinite ways of combining the various units in the MI 700 to create a complete and efficient kitchen, just for you.
  • SCALABILITY. The MI 700 has been specifically been designed to allow units to be joined together to form complete suites. And should you move, scale down or expand, the MI 700 can easily be adapted to accommodate these changes.
  • ERGONOMICS. It’s earned its place as the modern “buzz” word, because the truth of the matter is that to be efficient, a product must be user-friendly. Careful consideration was therefore applied to the design and location of the MI 700 controls, allowing for simple, precise and safe operation. You’ll also find that all working surfaces are uniformly leveled for the easy transfer of heavy pots from one module to another. Even the feet can be adjusted, with installation, to 50 mm, allowing chefs in your kitchen to work at their optimum height.
  • DURABILITY. At Prenox, we believe that a kitchen should be seen as an investment. The MI 700 equipment is designed to last, due to the:
    • Quality of the materials selected: 304 (18/10) grade stainless steel is used throughout construction with hobs 2 mm thick.
    • Strength of the structure: each model is built on a strong chassis that is seam-welded for perfect assembly.
  • PERFORMANCE. Designed to give chefs the highest output cooking performance whilst delivering maximum energy efficiency, Prenox prides itself on high-performance, safe and energy-efficient cooking.
  • HYGIENE. It’s a given – if you want to keep catering equipment hygienic, it must be simple to clean. Great attention has been given to providing all Prenox models with polished surfaces and heating systems that are watertight, easy to dismantle and clean. Furthermore, unrecessed, level working surfaces, with rounded corners and sealed modules, are renowned for making cleaning an easy routine and eliminate possible dirt traps.

Disclaimer: Products, descriptions and/or Specifications can change without prior notice. Please contact the office to confirm specifications