Chef / Owner of Meals of Distinction Caterers, David Muller

We have made use of Prenox equipment in our catering kitchens – and home, for the past 14 years.

I was introduced to chef Ingrid, and the team from Prenox, when we – Meals of Distinction Caterers – were upgrading the kitchen at Diep in die Berg Wedding and Conference Centre in 2005, and building the Mooiplaatsie Wedding Venue kitchen in 2012. I also installed the Modular range in my home kitchen in 2009. Apart from catering for up to 1000 delegate meals a day, weekend weddings and functions, we also opened the kitchen for fun cooking / training some evenings.

We found the Prenox modular range and 10 pan oven, both gas and electric, easy to work with, for large catering numbers, and introducing learners to the caterers kitchen. The Prenox Equipment’s design being aesthetically pleasing, as most catering equipment at the time was sharp edged and unappealing to the public eye, as well as easily maintained and cleaned.

The Prenox team was always on hand to assist and in an emergency ready to jump in and do their best to continue an uninterrupted food preparation flow. Thank you to Prenox for sharing the best catering years of my career.Chef / Owner of Meals of Distinction Caterers,
David Muller

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