Laser cutting is one of the essential services required in the manufacturing industry and remains an imperative component in the manufacture of all our products.

EDGE has now expanded it’s current offering with the recent purchase of a new Bystronic BySprint Fiber 3015 laser cutting machine.

The BySprint Fiber laser cutter is the latest technology in the laser cutting industry. It cuts faster, saves energy and relies on fiber technology that further enables the cutting of thinner steel materials.

A CNC Rotary Axis attachment was added to the current Bystar 3015 laser cutter.  We are now able to laser cut profiles or tubes, up to 315mm in diameter.

The BySprint Fiber, in addition to the existing Bystar 3015 laser cutter, will vastly enhance our manufacturing offering and streamline the entire production process with significant benefits to our customers:

· Improved turnaround times

· Enhanced design and product range offerings / extensions

· Improved cost efficiencies

Our manufacturing offering is further complimented with the advanced technology of the Bystronic Pressbrake Hämmerle 3P 150 and 250 Bending machines, which also set the standard for repetition accuracy, precision, and productivity.